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eolaApex Tower offers all facets of wireless network site acquisition, construction, and repair.

Full Site Builds     From tower erection to close out package submittal, Apex Tower will execute and oversee the entire job. Our experienced crews can construct any wireless project: cellular, microwave, millimeter wave, laser…

Modifications    The Apex Tower engineering team has capabilities to assist you in all phases of the lifecycle of your facility.  We offer turnkey modifications on your tower from start to finish, including:  tower mapping, structural analysis, modification design and detailing, material fabrication, and installation of upgraded materials, such as, mounts, antennas, and transmission lines.

Fabrication    We can fabricate custom mounts needed for all types of installation.

Warehousing and Material Management    Apex Tower can help reduce your operational costs.  Our team of logistics professionals can manage your warehousing, inventory, and transportation.

Decommissioning    Our crews are experienced in site decommissioning.  Whether you have one or two dozen sites, we have the capacity and manpower to remove cell towers, shelters, generators, fencing, and all other structures from cell sites.

Cell Site Maintenance    Apex Tower’s process is to evaluate structures based on their design standards and expanding needs; and offer maintenance and repair plans accordingly.  By entrusting your cell-site maintenance to Apex Tower, you are free to devote resources to your strategic initiatives, while we enable your tower resources to safely operate.

COW (Cell On Wheels)    We has capacity and experience dispatching and managing COWs for major events or disaster areas to extend cellular coverage as needed. We have also placed COWs for longer term usage where logistical considerations make permanent site construction either not possible or delayed.

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